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Myofascial Release   

12 NCBTMB CEUs  core credits/ live course

Date:  April 12-13  (feel free contact me if interested in scheduling a class)


Investment: $275  To register: Text 302-249-3912 or email

In this course, learn traditional myofascial release techniques for the entire body based on the John Barnes philosophy. Learn trigger point therapy, refresh your knowledge of anatomy & physiology and the delicate role fascia plays on our entire wellbeing. We will also practice therapeutic stretching, the power of intention & thought in combination with energetic release and balancing.  This class is meant to empower you with new therapeutic tools for your practice. But more importantly, re-inspire you about why you became a bodyworker to begin with!

Ayurvedic Facial & Indian Head Massage 

8 NCBTMB CEUs  core credits/live course

Investment:  $175  To register: text 302-249-3912 or email:

Date:  August 18,  and again on August 23    Milton, DE

In this course, you will learn the principles and application of Ayurvedic Facial and Indian Head Massage and how to restore balance by releasing stagnant prana in the 3 higher chakras. This isn't just a head rub!- This is a great addition to any massage and is very beneficial knowledge for aestheticians too! You will learn the marma points therapy, reflexology points & lymph drainage. You will learn how to clear out blocks within the energy channels that cause any build up of negative energy resulting in ailments. Everything is energy. Blockages begin as a subconscious thought or emotion and develop into some sort of inflammation, phlegm and congestion. A great modality for anyone suffering from headaches, migrains, sinus inflammation, insomnia, depression, tinnitus, verigo, and much more. 

In the Ayurvedic healing tradition, marma point therapy is believed to enliven pure consciousness in the body and stimulate a spontaneous healing response. 

 Integrative Reflexology

  8 NCBTMB CEUs  core credits/live course

Investment $175

Date: September 2       Milton, DE  (feel free to contact me if interested in scheduling a class)

Experience the world of Reflexology; an Old Knowledge Rediscovered! We have known that since ancient times many ailments can be treated by pressure and intention on particular zones/points of the body.  In this class we will learn theory and practical application of the healing art of Reflexology to the feet, hands, ears and head.  You will learn techniques on how to alleviate many common ailments as well as educating client for at home care.  You will learn series that can be applied purely as a reflexology session or incorporated into your full body custom therapeutic massage.


Psychology of the Body & the Chakra System

16 NCBTMB CEUs   Core credits, Live course

Investment:  $350

Date: July 14-15 @Involution Yoga, Lewes, DE  Time: 9-6   2 Day Course

Take a quantum leap in the mind/body/spirit continuum through the eyes of a bodyworker!

In this course, we will take an in depth look into the chakra system and discuss in detail how each chakra specializes in different ways that assist us in how we process stimuli. This stimuli is then translated and stored within the physical body. Any experience left unresolved will result in some sort of physical, mental, and/or emotional dis-ease.

You will learn the power of thought forms and the metaphysical explanations for physical discomfort based on the philosophy of Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, Caroline Myss and other metaphysicians. You will learn armoring patterns, how our defense mechanisms actually manipulate the physical form and how to recognize these patterns through postural analysis. You will learn the application of massage techniques appropriate for these armoring patterns as well as releasing physical tissue that will facilitate in the balancing of each chakra.

Chakra balancing combined with musculoskeletal release:  Custom therapeutic intuitive massage geared to nurture the conscious relationship between soul & body.  Mindful massage techniques integrate the physical and energetic anatomy; deepening and enhancing somatic awareness and awakening inherent healing wisdom of the soul. 

Harmony is what we all seek. But let's face it-stress & imbalance is a natural part of life.  Many of us suffer from chronic stress and are unaware of it. Left ignored, these imbalances will create dis-ease within the body and eventually manifest into physical ailments. Habitual mental & emotional patterns become trapped within the body leading to unconscious bodily defense postures creating an armor which then causes musculoskeletal tension & discomfort.  

"If you want to know why your body feels the way it does today, look at your thoughts from yesterday. If you want to know how your body will feel tomorrow, look at you thoughts today." - Native American proverb

Coming soon: Releasing the Psoas

                       Sinus & Migraine Relief


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